Thursday, May 15, 2014


It's raining in South Florida.  I love the rain!  My favorite are the gloomy, overcast days where you can snuggle in bed, blast the AC, and watch bad daytime TV.  I wasn't made for the humid, sweltering South Florida climate, but this is where I am and so I try to make the most out of beautiful days like this.

Today called for a drink I discovered recently on a whim.  I've been going through really bad Bloody Mary kicks in the past couple of month, and a few weeks ago I ran out of vodka.  Only other alternative we had at home was whiskey.  Normally I'd reserve whiskey for the colder days (really just DAY), but this might be my new favorite summer drink. It's very light and refreshing. Here's the recipe:

Jack & Black
     serves 1

2 oz Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
12 oz Iced Black Tea
1 tbs Honey Simple Syrup
squeeze of lemon

Start off by making the iced tea.  Take a small tea pot filled with cold water and throw in 2 bags of Twinings English Breakfast.  Let that sit in the fridge for at least 30 mins.  I've made a bigger batch of this tea and stored it for days.  It tastes better the longer the tea is steeping.

Next, make your simple syrup. In a small saucepan heat up 2 tbs of water and 2 tbs of honey.  Stir until the honey has melted down.  This only takes a couple of minutes.  Remove from the stove and let cool.  Once the syrup has cooled, add it to your iced tea.

Now we are ready to assemble!  In a mason jar, add ice, whiskey, black tea and simple syrup.  Finish with a squeeze of lemon, stir and ENJOY!!